Aveco de Bondt B.V. rents office space at De Gondel 1 in Amstelveen

Friday 6 August 2021

Aveco de Bondt B.V. has concluded a long-term lease in the office building 'De Gondel' located at Gondel 1 in Amstelveen. The agreement comprises 1,759 sqm office space located on the ground floor of the office building as well as 20 parking spaces.

Aveco de Bondt B.V. is an engineering, consultancy and project bureau and works on multidisciplinary projects throughout the Netherlands. Aveco de Bondt B.V. has all disciplines in-house and takes care of the research phase, devises smart solutions, makes suitable designs and advises on the right strategy and approach. Aveco de Bondt B.V. works among others for Rijkswaterstaat, waterschappen, municipalities, property managers and construction companies.

During the conclusion of the lease, the interests of the lessor were represented by TREC. Aveco de Bondt B.V. was advised by Van Gool Elburg.

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