Samsung Business Center rents office space in Utrecht

Tuesday 28 September 2021

Samsung Business Center has signed a long-term lease in the office building located at Savannahweg 67 in Utrecht. The agreement comprises approximately 406 sqm office space located on the ground floor of the above-mentioned office building as well as 5 parking spaces.

Samsung Business Center ensures that companies are future-proof and can quickly respond to changes in the market by applying the right combination of technologies. Technological innovations follow each other at breakneck speed. Samsung Business Center is a regional partner that translates these technological innovations into real solutions that help companies achieve their goals.

Due to the arrival of Samsung Business Center, the office building will remain fully let.

The interests of the lessor are represented by TREC during the conclusion of the lease. TREC Development Services B.V. will renovate the office space entirely to the wishes of the new tenant.

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